The dynamic force behind KINETICS MAGAZINE is an authentic passion, shared by Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley,  to create a catalyst for spiritual sustainability that is positive, practical, and applicable on a daily basis. Their sincere desire is to create an awakening to ascension through the promotion of unity consciousness, the sharing of their vision for worldwide peace. The articles they carefully select for publication offer inspiration and motivation to encourage constructive, proactive and compassionate activism.

KINETICS MAGAZINE provides innovative perspectives on soul evolution. As students of Truth, we have read all the right books and attended all the important lectures. But now, the time has come for us to be “all about the doing.”

Demonstrating human greatness is a spiritual lifestyle decision. At KINECTICS MAGAZINE we foster a global consciousness capable of sustaining that decision. It is our commitment to provide our readership with cutting edge, and inspired, information to cultivate expansive thinking on a broad spectrum of subjects. From metaphysics to science, from alternative medicine to ancient prophecy, it is the mission of KINETICS MAGAZINE to be a clearing house for the kind of insight, wisdom and enlightenment needed to propel us through our destined acension into higher realms of love and light.