JaimeAs an Animal Relationship Specialist, I often work with people to help them understand the differences in the way people and animals communicate. Recently I was reminded that we are more like our animal companions than we are different from them.

I was asked to perform a Color Harmonics session on a sweet little dog that was grieving the death of her canine companion. She was sad and upset and she had begun obsessively licking herself. During the light session, I witnessed her relax and actually ask for the light. She knew intuitively that the light was what she needed to heal.

Color Harmonics is a term for an advanced system of color therapy. Light vibration works on all living things – plants, animals, and humans. It is based on the art of using colored light to stimulate one’s innate ability to self-heal and evolve spiritually. There is nothing “new age” about color healing – it has been around as long as the sun has shined on our planet.

All living cells absorb, process, and emit light, which is necessary for cellular communication and organic life on Earth. Light is the language of the cell and each color has a different frequency and wavelength and effects the emotions, body physiology and nervous system functions differently.

Color Harmonics is founded on the principle of unmasking blocked pathways with the information carried in the light colors. The power of the light to help us self heal can be amplified when used in conjunction with sacred geometry symbols. Each of the unique sacred geometry shapes has a consciousness of their own and when combined with the light, provide a powerful, but gentle roadway to self-healing.

Color Harmonics can be used to promote wellness, reduce pain and stress, or release unwanted emotions, such as fear and anger. It can also raise our consciousness and communicate with our soul. There is an old Italian saying that goes, “Where the sun does not go, the doctor does.”

As travelers on this planet, we find ourselves surrounded by an oasis of vibrant color, and it is this color that sustains all life. Color Harmonics provides the opportunity to communicate with anything, anywhere, at anytime in the Universe.

Jamie Lee is an Animal Relationship Specialist, and owner of Animal Bonds. She helps pet guardians develop a fun, healthy, and happy relationship with their pets. Jamie provides energy work, essential oils, educational workshops and Color Harmonics. Contact her at Jamie@Animal-Bonds.com.


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