In this exclusive conversation, Merrie Lynn Ross, award-winning actress/filmmaker, interviews her dear friend, Donna Visocky, a powerhouse in the spiritual community. Donna, creato[...]
If You Look for the Cure Where It Is Not, You Will Not Find It There They say that laughter is the best medicine. If that is true, then it is important that we use laughter to less[...]
The moment we have any question in our mind concerning our past, present or future we start searching for an astrologer or psychic. Here Vedic astrology comes to our aid as it is a[...]
Aries Monthly Prediction for February 2014: This month seems to be very good compared to the previous month. Your ruling planet Mars will bring some good news for you. Travel in th[...]
Can you tell us a little about how you became involved in the film? Elisabeth: By divine intervention, actually! About a week before the call came, I was having an active longing t[...]
I must admit that I’ve been guilty of looking at the airbrushed beauties on the popular magazines- you know the women that seem to have the world, looks, and happiness. I’d conside[...]
As an Animal Relationship Specialist, I often work with people to help them understand the differences in the way people and animals communicate. Recently I was reminded that we ar[...]
Next to the outdoor pool where I swim in the summer is a small lake, and about two tenths of a mile beyond that is a large lake.  Every summer, when the young geese are mature enou[...]
Philosophy and psychology need each other. Philosophy without psychology is a brain in a vat, artificially cut off from emotions and actions and the habits of life. Psychology with[...]
Thankfully, these days more and more people are committed to living a spiritually empowered, authentically grounded, intuitively guided, positive, and peaceful life. We’re generall[...]
I recently accepted a volunteer post to serve as the  president of the US based foundation of the Shaolin Temple of China as an  outgrowth of a long standing relationship with the [...]