If You Look for the Cure Where It Is Not, You Will Not Find It There

They say that laughter is the best medicine. If that is true, then it is important that we use laughter to lessen the fear and horror of hearing those terrible words, “You have Cancer.” However, I was not laughing when my mom died of Cancer, nor when my brother died of Cancer.

This is the dreaded disease, the death sentence, that brings images of gaunt and yellow faces, bald and frightened looking … and not knowing what to do or where to go, or how to escape their situation.

Most people believe that the brilliant Medical Doctors, the renowned researchers, and heavily funded Research programs surely have the best answers. Or, do they???

“Run for the Cure,” and so many charities and fundraisers have raised hundreds of millions of dollars, or even much more, year after year. IF YOU LOOK FOR THE CURE WHERE IT IS NOT, YOU WILL NOT FIND IT THERE! No matter how far you run or how many millions of people may run.

What would it look like if all of those funds were channeled into why people get Cancer in the first place and how to avoid it altogether? What significant improvement has there been in conventional Cancer treatments in the last 50 years
or more? What is the actual success rate for those treatments? I have recently read it is about 3%. Just do the research for yourself before you make your decision.

If you believe, however, that your best chance is where the money, research, and medical practice is, then follow their program and give it your very best. I do not want to influence you against conventional medicine if that is your choice. I do not want to confuse you with the facts and overwhelming evidence and personal testimonials in the thousands to support the validity of the Two Feathers Healing Formula, starting with me.

The healing modality that will be revealed to you in this little book is simple and empowering, with everything that you need to make a conscious, well-informed decision for your success without fear and without financial devastation to you. This modality would also save the terrible financial burden upon our hospitals, clinics, hospice, and insurance and Medicare agencies as well.

How would that impact the cost of our insurance, if there were no Chemo-so-called-Therapy, Radiation, never-ending surgeries, nor the hospitalization that it entails, and creates? These are money makers for the Morticians, but I do not choose to support them through Cancer deaths! This treatment is for you as an individual and offers you the opportunity to heal yourself, and could also miraculously heal the outrageous costs associated with each and every Cancer case! Don’t forget, either, about the devastation to your family members, because they suffer right along with you.

Whatever course you choose, you have my purest and sweetest blessing, and all of you are in my daily prayers. It would be appropriate to remember, as well, the Biblical advice: “Physician, heal thyself.”

But if you have seen the evidence of broken lives and death and devastation by those who have not been helped by conventional medicine, then you are the ones I wish to reach.

If you say, “Oh, I can’t do anything that isn’t covered by my insurance, ” or “I can’t do anything that my Doctor doesn’t suggest,” then this is definitely not for you. If you do tell your Doctor that you are doing an American Indian Medicine Men and Women Healing Formula, instead of Surgery, Chemo and Radiation treatments, they may not allow you to continue as their patient. I know, because it happened to me. My Doctor would not allow me to continue as his patient when I refused to do the Mastectomy, Chemo, and Radiation.

If you wish to read on, then please know that I am not a medical expert; I have no medical knowledge or understanding. I am simply someone who has overcome Cancer, and I am Cancer-free. I hope you will realize the importance of not making me responsible for your own choices. Please accept responsibility for your own illness and be responsible for your own healing. Then, I will be devoted to helping you.

For more information on Susan Liberty Hall’s compelling new book, please visit: www.hailaughinthefaceofcancer.com.


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